York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) is part of a joint external assessment centre (EAC) for the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) at NICE.

The joint EAC is a collaboration between YHEC and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Medical Physics Department (Newcastle and York EAC). It is one of four centres that have been commissioned by NICE to provide independent assessment of the evidence for medical technologies and related economic analysis.

The Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) selects and evaluates new or innovative medical technologies (including devices and diagnostics). MTEP helps the NHS adopt efficient and cost effective medical devices and diagnostics more rapidly and consistently.

The Medical Technologies Advisory Committee (MTAC), which is part of the MTEP programme, has two separate functions:

  • To select medical devices and diagnostics for which NICE should produce guidance and then route the selected technology to the appropriate NICE guidance producing programme, and;
  • To develop guidance on technologies, which is issued by NICE as Medical Technologies Guidance.

The Newcastle and York EAC also has a central role in developing and facilitating independent research products when NICE medical technology or diagnostics guidance recommends that further research should be carried out.

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