YHEC’s outcomes research consultancy service aims to enable our clients to capture the value of healthcare interventions and services, and to evaluate the patient healthcare experience through clinical outcome assessments (including patient reported outcomes).

YHEC’s outcomes research team can help you with:

    • The selection, creation, validation and analysis of patient-reported outcome (PRO) and experience (PRE) measures;
    • The assessment of patient preferences using discrete choice experiments (DCEs);
    • The introduction of PRO measures into routine clinical practice and service commissioning;
    • Data collection, data analysis and critical assessment of utility instruments.

We use robust evidence-based approaches that can help you to select the most appropriate PRO measure to use within your organization or clinical trial, or provide you with patient preferences to inform treatment options, policy decisions and service redesign. We can also help your organization to introduce PRO measurement into routine clinical practice by identifying challenges to implementation and how to overcome them.

To find out more about YHEC’s outcomes research services contact Matthew Taylor.

Our range of outcomes research services includes:

  • Systematic reviews of patient-reported outcome (PROs) measures;
  • Advice on identifying and selecting outcome measures, including PROs and utility instruments;
  • Preference elicitation studies and Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE);
  • PRO measure validation, including cognitive interviews and meta-analysis
  • Item response (IRT) model analysis (Rasch);
  • Designing patient-reported experience measures (PREMs);
  • PRO measure selection for commissioning and service design, and clinical consultations;
  • User-friendly summaries of the evidence underpinning PRO measures;
  • Recommendations to facilitate the introduction of PRO measurement into routine clinical practice.

Outcomes Research Clients

YHEC’s Outcomes Research provides consultancy and research services for clients in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device sector, as well as the NHS and public sector. Recent projects have included the assessment of patient preferences for diagnostic pathways, validation of PRO measures, and review-based recommendations for the optimal PRO measures to include in clinical trials.

Examples of Recent Publications

View older outcomes research publications

Why work with YHEC?

  • Expertise in instrument development, psychometrics, statistical analysis, utility measures, qualitative research, conceptual framework development, focus groups and interviews;
  • Excellent reputation for efficient project delivery;
  • Rigorous research and academic standards;
  • Focus on clear and implementable recommendations.


YHEC offer training courses on an introduction to patient reported outcomes. Training courses are tailored to clients’ needs and can be delivered on-site. Find out more about YHEC training.

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