What is Text Mining?

Text mining tools are increasingly being used in literature and systematic reviews. When applied correctly, these tools can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of reviewing large volumes of literature and/or complex topics which are difficult to capture efficiently in search strategies.

What are the benefits of using text mining tools in reviews?:

  • Ability to map the literature to identify prevalent themes within the corpus of records identified by a sensitive search and to help focus on relevant concepts and terms, retrieve relevant documents and synthesise salient information fragments;
  • Development of search strategies with an adequate balance of sensitivity and precision to ensure key terms and concepts are captured;
  • Identification and visualisation of correlations and trends in a body of records by coupling the results of the text mining process with powerful downstream visualisation tools;
  • Reduction in time for data collection;
  • Potential for increasing the depth and range of information gathered, enhancing attempts to minimise publication bias;
  • Potential to present records for processing with the most potentially relevant first, offering the opportunity to enhance the speed of production of the review.

To find out more about YHEC’s text mining services contact Julie Glanville.

Examples of Recent Publications

YHEC presented on improving search efficiency for economic evaluations in major databases using semantic technology at the HTAi conference in Dublin in 2010 and the Cochrane Colloquium in Madrid in 2011.

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Text Mining Solutions

York Health Economics Consortium collaborates with staff from Text Mining Solutions to use text analysis in particularly complex search and review projects. Complex projects can be those where the intervention or context of interest is complex and/or difficult to define. Text mining can help with developing the search strategy, improving the definition of the search concepts and assisting with prioritising records by relevance to assist in the screening process.

Text Mining Training

YHEC and Text Mining Solutions provide training in Text Mining. We also offer bespoke courses which can be presented at your own organisation.

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